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Getting on the Misfit YSF Reflector!

Updated: Feb 15

Checkout the Misfit Hams YSF Reflector. We are on the reflector most evenings and throughout the day on the weekends. Everyone is welcome at anytime.

Thursdays at 21:00 is the official unofficial NET that is open to everyone.

Reflector #: 19011

Getting on the reflector

To get on the reflector you will need a hotspot. They can be setup for as little as $45 if you already own a Raspberry pi. Below are multiple options for getting on the reflector.


I highly recommend WPSD. It seems to work much better than the older pi-star software



These are the most expensive but have more features. Seems to have rugged casing as opposed to the other raspberry pi biased hotspots.

  • Can connect to phones WIFI

  • Has a mobile app that allows you to talk without a radio

  • Supports D-Star cross modes, DMR, YSF(C4FM), NXDN

  • Audio playback


Cheaper and less rugged. Does not have a built in battery. There are multiple versions that are even cheaper

  • Raspberry pi included

  • Supports DMR, D-Star, YSF(C4FM), NXDN, M17, P25, M17

  • Preprogrammed SD card

  • 3.5" screen

This ZUMspot is quite simple. All you have to do is plug this into your computer and install software. It uses internet and power from your computer.

  • Supports: DMR, P25, D-Star YSF(C4FM), NXDN, POCSAG

  • Intergraded Antenna


Generic MMDVM hotspot. These are the cheap Chinese devices that seem to be the most common. They used to be significantly cheaper than the openSpot and ZUMspots but since this is biased on a raspberry pi and they are more than their weight in gold now days they aren't the deal they used to be.

they are about $160 for the entire kit. However, if you already have a raspberry pi you can get the RF board for about $40.

  • Can be cheaper

  • Supports: DMR, D-Star, YSF(C4FM), P25, NXDN, POCSAG

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